Em Cheio!

Eu tinha esperanças que haveria justiça e a Pitchfork não falhou. 'My Girls' dos Animal Collective ficou com a musica do ano deste 2009.
Eis o texto que a acompanha :

"My Girls", the catchy, gloriously harmonized highlight of Merriweather Post Pavilion, is all heart-- arguably the most earnest expression of basic human want recorded in 2009. Panda Bear's promise to provide a proper house for his wife and young daughter, in the wake of his father's death-- "But to provide for mine who ask, I will, with heart, on my father's grave," he pledges-- yielded a blissful, near-ecstatic song that practically requires participation, be it hollering along (try to keep yourself from yelling a synchronized "ooooh!" after the chorus) or shimmying in your subway seat. Panda Bear and Avey Tare's harmonies here are warmer (and groovier) than most anywhere else in the band's catalogue, and the electronics are gentle and buoyant; in some ways, "My Girls" feels like a life preserver for people tottering on the precipice of adulthood. Panda Bear might be apologetic about his craving ("I don't mean to seem like I care about material things," he hedges), but "My Girls" is ultimately a celebration of the simplification-- of desire, of priorities-- that comes with growing up. --Amanda Petrusich